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In fact, Drezner Digital is a dynamic agency of one. Founded as a side project, it became a job and a hobby. Driven by the love of simple design, we work from Sweden or anywhere else, fully remote.


We’ve got 5+ years of experience from 7 countries. We started in 2018 as a Social Media Manager, and since then, we have been working in creative media and tech.
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We hold a bachelor’s (’24) in Graphic Design and Web Development. In August 2024, we begin master’s in UX design at Jönköping University.


Although English remains our main language of communication, we can also handle the business in Polish, Swedish, German and Norwegian.
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From code, low-code and design to content, copywriting and management. We constantly get to know new frameworks, builders, themes and trends.


We are trusted in Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Hungary. You name it.
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Omar Alzokani, the founder of Lynkrr.
Omar Alzokani
Wiktoria made valuable contributions to redesigning our application’s front end. Wiktoria’s dedication and hard work were greatly appreciated, and I would highly recommend her for future opportunities.
Eszter Boros, the founder of Careers in the Common Good.
Eszter Boros
Careers in the Common Good
Wiktoria impressed us with her openness and eye for detail. She exceeded our expectations in her mastery of the tools used. Her creativity and initiative contributed to lively, well-conceptualised, eye-catching layouts.
Julie Maricq, the marketing manager at Impact Valley.
Julie Maricq
Impact Valley
Wiktoria did a very excellent job. She has all the necessary qualities to work independently as well as in a team. She has a great critical sense and her empathy allows her to fully understand the needs of her interlocutors.

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