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Impact Valley

2023–2024 | Belgium, Brussels


Impact Valley is an innovation agency that helps corporate organizations to create business value and societal impact through innovation. The purpose is to progressively build an ecosystem where every player can co-elaborate on innovative solutions that will generate a positive impact at a social, economic and environmental level.


Impact Valley last updated their website in 2020. Since then, the agency has changed the way they present their services, had the opportunity to collaborate with more clients and projects, and also changed the composition of their team. Impact Valley needed a new website that was more in line with their new service offerings.


Impact Valley has received a new website. An important element is the homepage, which briefly presents the key aspects of the agency: presentation of services, three leading programs, original 4D methodology, three selected projects and a summary of clients and cases.
The former website of Impact Valley.
The Impact Valley website from 2020.


One of Impact Valley’s biggest visual strengths is their neon-pink-purple gradient that they use in their communication. This gradient was subtly introduced and combined with a dark colour to obtain an eye-catching contrast. We selected five leading colours from the gradient, with each colour corresponding to one of the five services offered by Impact Valley.
Square filled with turquoise colour, with a HEX code: #07C3B7.
Square filled with light blue colour, with a HEX code: #46ACEA.
Square filled with light purple colour, with a HEX code: #757CEA.
Square filled with a purple colour, with a HEX code: #8B67E9.
Square filled with a bright purple-pink colour, with a HEX code: #AA5AFE.


As a method of presenting services, we decided on a pyramid that originates from the Corporate Social Responsibility pyramid. Each level of the pyramid corresponds to one service, which is assigned one leading colour. The services are now called solutions.
The CSR pyramid of Impact Valley.
Five solutions and three leading programmes on the Impact Valley's homepage.
The presentation of Impact Valley solutions.


Impact Valley is led by people with a common goal of helping, inspiring, teaching and changing the way organizations work together. For this reason, we decided to introduce a human element to their website. By getting to know Impact Valley’s solutions, we have the opportunity to meet the person behind it—Laurent, Julie or Alexandre.
The Solution 1: Giving Back from the Impact Valley website.
The Solution 2: Volunteering from the Impact Valley website.
The Solution 3: Bridging from the Impact Valley website.
The Solution 4: Pioneering from the Impact Valley website.
The Solution 5: Inspiring from the Impact Valley website.


A crucial part of Impact Valley is its original 4D methodology, which combines aspects of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and the Golden Circle. It is essential as it is an integral part of the programs created by the agency. Therefore, it was critical to subtly incorporate it into Impact Valley’s visual identity.
Diagram presenting 4D methodology created by Impact Valley.
Homepage from the Impact Valley's website. At the top, there is a background video, while below follow the five solutions, top three programmes and a section presenting Impact Valley's methodology.
Solutions page from the Impact Valley website. At the top, there is a section presenting the contents of the page on the left, with a CSR pyramid on the right. Below, five solutions are listed. In the following section, the pyramid is explained. At the bottom, Impact Valley's cases are listed.
The Solution 3: Bridging from the Impact Valley website.


Impact Valley can boast of a considerable number of projects they have completed. As an agency, they have cooperated with many globally known organizations, such as AXA, BNP Paribas, Bridgestone, Cisco, Davidson, European Commission, IKEA and Orange.
16 companies that Impact Valley has collaborated with. The companies are Voo, Infrabel, Davidson, Fablabs Brussels, Orange, IKEA, BNP Paribas, Ashoka, Accenture, Bpost Bank, Axa, EFP, Multipharma, B Lab, Etex and Exxi.
Selected cases completed by Impact Valley.


The website is now handed over to Impact Valley, and they are responsible for adding new content in line with our design. However, we keep working together on larger projects, develop new solutions for their upcoming events and collaborations, and handle necessary troubleshooting.

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