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Brand Concept • Visual Identity • Animation

Spooky Cookie

2022 | Sweden, Jönköping


Spooky Cookie is an original concept for a Halloween candy brand inspired by the famous Muppet character Cookie Monster. Spooky Cookie is playful, charming and slightly scary. Held in a dark convention, it fits the Halloween theme well, while a cute animation aligns with the happiness and joy of cookies.


The project objective was to design and animate a logo of choice. For that purpose, we got inspired by the character Cookie Monster, which led to the creation of Spooky Cookie. To complement the logo design, we developed a consistent visual identity.

Primary Logotype

The primary logotype for Spooky Cookie spans across two lines. It should be used in general communication and professional branded products such as business cards and brochures.

Secondary Logotype

The secondary logotype is used in the animation, but it can also be used in external communication and marketing. It should not be used to promote the brand on the professional channels.


Spooky is a little, cute demon appearing in the letter “O”. He is slightly scary. In the usual convention, kept in black, he gives off a mysterious look.


Cookie is inspired by the character Cookie Monster. It is a tiny cookie eaten by the Spooky. Once crumbles appear, the Cookie is gone.


We selected a classic sans-serif typeface, Poppins, in medium weight. This font should be used in all communication activities, visual and written, in print and digital media.


As Spooky Cookie is a small identity project, the colour palette consists only of three colours, namely white, black and red. The colours can be matched and combined to create unique compositions.