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Digital Services

At Drezner Digital, we meet all your digital needs. We like it simple—and take care of your online presence in one place.

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Module 1
Web Development
Transform your design into a landing page or a full-on website developed in WordPress.
✨ Web development in WordPress (single site & multisite) with custom code
✨ Creating dynamic templates and responsive layouts
✨ Ensuring security and accessibility compliance
✨ Safe database and file migration
Module 2
User Experience
Ensure your website visitors have a pleasant, intuitive and accessible experience.
✨ Creation of wireframes, prototypes, and sitemaps
✨ Conducting A/B testing and usability tests
✨ Analysis of user behaviour and heat maps
✨ Delivery of accessibility reports (WCAG 2.2 compliant)
Module 3
Ensure your website stays safe and fast with regular updates and on-going maintenance.
✨ Update of plugins and themes
✨ Database and performance optimisation
✨ Troubleshooting layout issues and minor bugs
Module 4
Boost your online visibility and optimise your website to attract more organic traffic.
✨ Creating meta titles, descriptions, keywords and tags
✨ Page indexing, fixing broken links, redirects and URL structuring
Module 5
Craft a distinctive brand, and refine its voice, values, and mission.
✨ Crafting mission, vision and values statements
✨ Brand positioning — promise and competitor analysis
✨ Brand voice — refining tone and personality
✨ Creation of unique names and taglines
Module 6
Visual Identity
Add a unique touch to your brand with a logo, tailored colour scheme and graphical elements.
✨ Design of logos, shapes and patterns
✨ Selection of brand colours and typography
✨ Creation of brand books, visual guidelines and product mockups
✨ Design of banners and social media posts
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01. How do the modules work?

We offer six modules in total. Each module is an independent service, meaning that you do not have to do everything with us—you can just ask us to design a website, logo or create graphics for social media—or all. You choose!

02. How many modules can I request?

You can request as many modules as you'd like. However, there is a minimum number of two modules per project unless you have worked with us before.

03. How long it takes to complete a module?
Some of our modules have an end date, while the other ones are ongoing. The average time of completion varies depending on the amount of features and the complexity of the task. Each project is unique; therefore, it is difficult to say a number.
04. What if I do not like the final outcome?
Before we get to work, we talk a lot about how you see the project, what are your expectations and we ask for your ideas. We will always work until you are 100% satisfied.
05. Is there anything you do not do?
Of course! We do not cover web development with code only—we do low-code instead. We do not work with print and book design, as well as motion graphics and video editing.