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Web Design • User Experience

Merit Democracy

2023 | Copenhagen, Denmark


Erdem Ovacik is a public innovator and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in cross-sector collaboration. Passionate about enhancing the ability to deliver better public governance and services with data and market-driven innovation, he embarked on a journey of crafting Merit Democracy [source].


Merit Democracy is a collective decision-making process and organisation where participants bet on the future outcomes of proposals and get rewarded if the proposals succeed and solve a collectively pre-agreed problem [source]. Erdem needed our help in delivering a prototype for the Merit Democracy web application that would facilitate all four stages of the model.
Project collaborators: Victor Kristensen, Liam De Vidts, Óscar Manzaneda López, Sophia Aurora Naggi.


Our primary task was to develop a unique and consistent visual identity for TTF, consisting of colours, a typeface and a logo. We wanted to choose something simple and clean, aligning although not clashing with Impact Valley’s existing bold identity.
The colour palette for TTF.
Logotype and its variations.


Impact Valley needed a set of customisable banners to use in their communication and promotional activities. We designed two types of banners in three colour variations for them to choose from. These graphics can be used in newsletters, websites or printed communication.


To accompany banners, we designed a couple of posts, following different styles and ideas, for Impact Valley to use when promoting the TTF on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Landing Page

The most important part of our work was designing a landing page for TTF, which had to be mutually informative and attractive. We needed to deliver a balanced design that does not overwhelm the reader while coining the message of TFF well.

Information Architecture

The sections of the page are an introduction, persona, fast facts, pedagogy, why us, detailed event plan, related programmes, testimonials, relevant insights and FAQ. They are organised in such a way that the reader gets to learn the utmost crucial information about the event first, before diving into the specifics and less important details.


TTF is a recurring event, and the communication will be released regularly in the present and future. Our visual and textual work is, although, finalised with a set of banners and posts prepared and a freshly designed landing page.

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