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Branding • Visual Identity

them Cosmetics

2022 | Sweden, Jönköping


Them is a premium brand of makeup and cosmetic products made of natural ingredients. Their products have no labels and are suitable for everyone. Them are inclusive of different skin tones and types, as they believe no gender defines us.


The project objective was to create a visual identity, deliver branding, create a bunch of product mockups and design packaging for a fictitious company of choice. Additionally, we designed the logo and selected the colour palette and typeface.


Them are inclusive, natural and neutral—and firmly stand for these values. In their cosmetics, marketing and voice, they spread the message of body, gender and race inclusivity. Their products are suitable for everyone. At them, beauty has no gender. Whether you decide to wear pants, dresses, skirts, or suits, you have a full right to feel yourself and be comfortable in your skin.


Them is all about natural products, carefully crafted in their labs and tested in many rounds. Them put quality as their priority. They offer cosmetics and makeup products for everyone and all skin tones. They emphasise variety, and their primary goal is to ensure everyone feels included.


The logotype consists of a brand name and a symbol representing the sun. The logotype symbolises energy and boldness and, at the same time, softness and inclusion. It is designed in earthy, neutral colours to symbolise the brand’s voice, while the classic serif typeface gives it a clean, traditional look.


Them’s colour palette well reflects their motion and standpoints on the market. Them is neutral, natural and inclusive. They incorporate earthy, beige colours into their palette to stand with their message. We chose four not-flashy, calm colours that affirm the brand’s notion of equality.


We selected classic serif typefaces for them to shine a light on their classiness in voice and communication. The font Lora has been used in the logo design, while Playfair Display should be utilised in general communication, especially in print. To get contrast, we selected each type in two weights, regular and bold.

Product Lines

Them does not produce cosmetics for different skin colours and genders. Instead, they focus on your skin’s needs. Whether you need an extra push, some gentle cleanse, or some core moisturising, you will find your perfect product at them. Them offer three product lines based on the time of the day, paying tribute to nature and a mindful way of living.