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Youth Week 2022

2022 | Hungary, Budapest


Youth Week 2022 is a 10-day event for youth from all over Eastern Europe who gather in Budapest, Hungary, to learn about sustainability, common good, entrepreneurship and interpersonal skills. The event aims to educate and empower youth and equip them with the necessary skills that would enable them to manage meaningful projects.


Our primary goal was to enhance the event’s media presence through captivating graphics and lively social media content. We handled the communication during Youth Week, designing posts and stories to be used during and after the event.

Daily Stories

Throughout the week, CCG has been posting stories from each day highlighting the best parts of Youth Week. For that purpose, we designed three story templates. The templates keep a unified design but differ in colour usage. To add motion, we created a subtle closing or opening animation to be posted before and after a set of stories.

Daily Posts

Next to daily stories, CCG posted daily posts on their feed summarising the workshops, highlights, quotes and trips that happened that day.
For that, we designed two templates that were later reused and populated with actual content. The templates follow a similar design but differ in layout and colour choice.


During Youth Week, CCG organised plenty of workshops run by many facilitators. Before the beginning of the event, CCG promoted the facilitators on their social media and presented their workshops and personalities. We designed the posts for Instagram and Facebook, highlighting the speakers of Youth Week 2022.

Inspiring Impressions

Inspiring Impressions is a series of posts highlighting quotes from Youth Week participants regarding particular workshops they attended. CCG shared a series a couple of weeks after the event had ended. We created posts for that purpose, featuring images and quotes from the workshops, following a unified design.